I'm Garrett, a 21-year-old artist from the Midwest, and I love making cool shit. Since I was a kid, I haven't been able to stop creating. My childhood obsession with Legos turned into my adulthood obsession with art, music, animation, and, of course, Legos again.

While my interests have changed over time, creativity has always been the most important thing to me. About four years ago, I decided to take my creative endeavors more seriously. This step included learning new skills and posting my creations on Instagram and TikTok. Since I started sharing my creations on social media, I've amassed over 10 million views across all platforms.

Recently, I've settled into my digital art style. With my art, I try to explore interesting topics in a simple and fun style inspired by many of the comics and cartoons that I grew up on.

Creativity knows no bounds, and I'm always excited to explore new avenues, learn, and share my artistic journey. If you need any creative help in the world of digital art, logo design, music production, or video production check out my contact page and let's chat!